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Enabling the flow of energy

AOT Energy, our energy business, facilitates the global distribution of energy. 

Our team has deep expertise across the energy value chain and we apply our agile approach to unlock value and optimise opportunities in less realised markets.  



We established our emissions division in 2017, and it has grown rapidly in line with our ambition to be at the forefront of sustainability developments. 

Emissions reduction initiatives are creating the basis for energy uses and technological applications. Emissions trading provides a unique, common platform where producers and consumers across the energy spectrum interact. 


We have established gas-to-electricity agreements across multiple European countries. AOT Energy facilitates the delivery of gas to our power plant customers and offtakes electricity to cover their operational, logistical and financial requirements. Our storage capabilities in Europe and transit capacity booking options provide our customers with efficient and effective means to optimise their operations.

Renewable electricity is a focus for us and we are developing solar projects in regions across the world. 

We are involved in a number of electric battery storage projects to facilitate our customers’ needs and trading activities. 


We work across the full range of operations for natural gas and LNG. In natural gas, we grew our European and global presence through our upstream gas business, gas storage capabilities, and by trading across pan-European gas hubs. 

We have established strong partnerships with producers, end-users and market participants. We work with over 50 counterparties in 21 countries, supplying natural gas to industrial users, local supply companies and local municipalities. 

Our proven track record in gas logistics and expertise enables us to deliver gas to our customers wherever they are in the world.


We are active across the entire oil supply chain.

Our crude oil and feedstocks trading secures a global footprint and provides continual interaction with major producers and refiners. We have been a reliable supplier throughout the challenging transition that European refiners endured in 2022. 

Our Mediterranean operations evolve around a long-standing presence in Malta. We are the largest wholesale bunker grades supplier in the region and also serve the needs of utilities and refiners in distillate and fuel-based grades. 

Having successfully integrated IMO 2020 requirements, our desk is in constant consultation with authorities and end-users regarding the challenging energy transition of the maritime shipping sector.