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ArrowResources is one of the fastest-growing, integrated commodities groups in the world

We source, trade and deliver resources, connecting producers and consumers across the globe.

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Our vision 

ArrowResources is on an ambitious journey to enhance the global supply of commodities that support the energy transition through the right partnerships, latest technologies and agile operations. 

Our expertise 

Our senior team has decades of experience trading commodities and operating assets. Our deep understanding of the geographies in which we operate, combined with our specialist expertise in less realised markets, has driven significant growth across ArrowResources’ diverse portfolio.

Our growth 

ArrowResources is one of the fastest-growing, integrated commodities groups in the world. 


Our ability to successfully deliver end-to-end across the commodities value chain is why we have quickly become the partner of choice for our customers.


ArrowResources’ targeted approach, through sector and geographic synergies, enables us to identify opportunities and execute on strategies in nascent markets, unlocking value and boosting the long-term prospects of the group.


What we do

We responsibly source, store and deliver physical commodities across the globe, facilitating the movement of the world’s resources. We operate across three divisions:
  • ArrowMetals is our vertically integrated metals and minerals trading division. It specialises in transporting and marketing products including base metals, ferronickel, ferroalloys, nickel sulphate, cobalt sulphate, copper concentrates and ores.
  • AOT Energy is our energy trading arm which operates across the energy spectrum, covering power, natural gas, LNG, emissions, oil and petroleum products. AOT also operates long-term storage, shipping and logistical infrastructure.
  • AddMaris is our shipping and logistics business.

How we operate

Deep expertise, cutting-edge technology and agile operations are at the core of our approach.

The global energy transition has created increasing demand for minerals which are key components in renewable technology.

With our position across the global commodities chain and experience in overlooked markets, we help customers to meet the increasing demand for these minerals.

Combining our specialist expertise and deep understanding of the different geographies that we operate in, with an agile approach to our operations, we reliably source, trade, and deliver the products our customers need.

At the same time, we strive to operate in a way that is sustainable for our people, communities, and the planet is central to how we do business.



Our values

A global approach

We operate in less realized and understood markets across the commodities value chain, on a global scale. This has led to us quickly becoming the partner of choice for our customers.

Our global network is continually evolving, as we identify and create new synergies with new and existing partners. 


Empowering people

Our culture is focused on empowering our people to act independently, with agility, integrity and an innovative mindset. Our diverse team combines decades of experience across the industry with passion, and a desire to make a difference, as part of a global organisation. 

We set high standards for ourselves and our partners throughout our operations and are continually striving to improve.


Sustainable solutions

We prioritise sustainability with the relationships we foster, the products we work with and the way in which we support our partners throughout the value chain.

Our Group

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Our History


ArrowMetals & Trading is founded.

Ferroalloy and primary nickel offtakes are secured.


First ferronickel source is secured from the Americas.


Investment from leading institution that positions ArrowMetals for further growth, and M&A opportunities.


Second ferronickel source is secured from Southeast Europe.


Acquisition of AOT Energy, a well-established group with over 70 years in the industry.


The Group rebrands as ArrowResources AG. The integration into, and the diversification of, our energy business.


Acquisition of industry-leading copper, zinc and lead concentrates trading team.


Continued international expansion, with offices opened in the Netherlands, North Macedonia, and Peru.


Acquisition of the Cogeneration Power Plant in Arad, Romania.