Moving commodities from end to end

AddMaris is solely dedicated on providing tailor-made solutions to its clients. We are located at the heart of the global shipping industry and our business is based on moving products end-to-end while utilizing our long-term relationships in the shipping community, as well as our market understanding and reputation, in order to develop shipping opportunities and find the best possible ways to safely, effectively and efficiently transport a wide range of commodities.

Shipping and logistics is what we do, but our deep knowledge and understanding over the commodities we transport, gives us a unique advantage that allows us to provide competitive shipping solutions and consultation to the overall logistics chain, that includes the day-to-day operational needs of our clients. We have the insight that gives us the advantage to provide added value services, in order to maximize profits and minimize risk.


01Tanker Services

AddMaris will identify and assess employment opportunities, negotiate, and conclude fixtures and/or long-term charters that will give our trading partners a competitive advantage in their market, in order to maximize their returns and provide timely deliveries to their clients with competitive success.

02Bulk Services

Exploiting the long-term relationships with commodity traders and ship owners, AddMaris has the capacity to create synergies that can result in profitable relationships between all its counter parties.

03LNG Services

AddMaris will cover our LNG clients’ needs in the spot or contract markets by researching and collaborating with the world’s leading LNG owners. We have the expertise to guide our clients through all their shipping requirements in this innovative and progressive market with competitive success.