Our Approach

ArrowResources is committed to protecting the world’s natural and human capital. We understand the importance of ESG to diligently maintain high operational standards, and to anticipate and mitigate the potential risks associated with our business in this regard. We are committed to undertaking our business activities with integrity and transparency, and continually strive to further our sustainability journey.

We ensure regulatory compliance in all aspects of our work, effective governance, and enforcing business ethics and codes of conduct, and manage our environmental and social performance throughout our supply chain .

As an office-based commodity trading house, much of our ESG related work is linked to the activities of our principal suppliers. We strive to develop and enhance:

  • our commitments to responsible sourcing.
  • stakeholder engagement for sustainable procurement.
  • high standards of health, safety, environmental and community relations (HSEC) performance of our principal suppliers, partners, and supply chain.
  • projects that embed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”) into our supply chain, by collaborating and partnering with our key suppliers, relevant organizations and other stakeholders to continually improve sustainable performance.

ArrowResources ESG Policy can be consulted in our Resource Centre.